Monday, June 8, 2009

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Unknown said...

Can anyone help me find the strip where Rob asks Bucky, "Are you kettle or pot?" Bucky: "I shall be pot."

C.J. said...

I'm looking for a particular one too.

I'm probably butchering the dialogue but this is the gist of it:

Bucky is holding a bottle of alcohol and Rob says, "no, no, vodka is not for kitty."

Bucky: "Why?"
Rob: "Because it's basically a drug Bucky..."
Bucky: "What about catnip?"
Rob: "Well, that... uh..."

Next cell...

Bucky, arms up, exasperated: "AND THEN HE TOOK MY CATNIP AWAY!"
Satchel: "OH SNAP!"

Hmmm said...

Sorry, Unknown, I can't give you the exact date; the strip is from October, 2003 though.
Bucky: "Seriously, Robert. You have to do something about Satchel. He's been very rude today. And nasty."
Rob: "So, Bucky, for Halloween would you like to be a pot or a kettle?"
Bucky: "I shall be Pot."
Rob: "Excellent."

irilyth said...

I was looking for this comic just now, and found it, so I figured I'd share: